Water levels at normal levels in the Smokies (for now)

Hard to say how long things will stick, but water levels are actually quite good! We had some heavy rains in the wee hours of Saturday morning. Water levels had rebounded a bit by that time, but the big rain actually made things pretty muddy and made the water high. Little River was really chugging and the West Prong of the Little Pigeon, which is an exceptionally steep stream, was probably best described as dangerous. All of the guides (Ian, Charity, and Tim) managed to find fishable water, but Charity had the best day. She had a father/son team of novice anglers that did well for any conditions. The eleven year old son got 9 trout to hand and Dad got 3.

Water levels receded to a good level by Sunday and remained in good shape through today. Ian, Tim, and Rocky Cox were all in the park today with anglers. All did well but could have done better if pop up thunderstorms didn’t keep running everyone off the water. We still hate to say anything negative about rain though, so we prefer to think of how it’s keeping the water in good shape.

Charity and Ian are off to the Florida panhandle to fly fish for tarpon on Wednesday and Thursday. Hope to have photos and possibly video up by the weekend. It’s been a while since we’ve had a dedicated tarpon trip, although we got some shots in Belize last February.