Last day of “summer” fly fishing in the Smokies?

Today Tim Doyle and I took a group of guys from middle Tennessee for a day of fishing up in the park. We were glad to see the Laquieres were in good shape and took them into a section of stream that’s a little tougher to access. The fish weren’t exactly jumping on the hook, but it wasn’t a total blow out. I took Dustin and Shaphan and they did reasonably well, especially when you consider the fact that they’re essentially novice fly fishers. They got a number of small to average rainbow trout and one brook trout.

The section of river we fished was one that I rarely fish. It’s so steep and the volume of water that usually flows through there makes it dangerous most of the time. However, with the dry conditions it was relatively easy to negotiate. Tim commented earlier this morning that it’s been so dry that he caught one trout with a tick on it. My response was that I caught one trout and had to brush the dust off of it to tell if it was a rainbow or brown. My eye is currently on the weather radar and rain is on the way. High temperatures for this weekend are forecast to only be in the 70’s.

Charity and I are preparing to leave for our annual trip to the Madison River and Yellowstone Park. This marks the start of fall fishing for us. We always see some snow on this trip and return to the cooler weather and autumn color of October. We’ll be posting from the road and will be posting a few pictures as well.