Fly Fishing in the Smokies Perks Up After Recent Rains

We’ve gotten thunderstorms with heavy rains 3 afternoons this week. This has allowed us plenty of time for fishing while bringing the stream levels up from a relatively low point. Overnight temperatures in the Smokies have been in the 50’s and this has also helped to perk up the fish. High temperatures on Friday remained in the 70’s throughout much of the park and the high peaks barely made it into the 60’s.

Fishing along the road on Little River has improved greatly over last week, but the best fishing remains in the higher elevations. This is a typical summer time patterns for fly fishers in the park. We prefer to use attractor dry fly patterns in these smaller, tumbling streams. If you stick with the larger streams we recommend you fish nymphs in the riffles and pocket water. Terrestrials are good regardless of where you fish, but are far more effective on warm sunny days.