When It Rains It Pours

We’ve been rooting for rain for two years and I think we finally got what we’ve been asking for. East Tennessee got twice its usual rainfall in December 2008 and we’ve already had our quota for January. Let me be the first to declare the drought over.

Little River came up quickly last night and there was some minor flooding here in Townsend. We have some friends who live on the river who left their house last night as the water began to get real high. Turns out their house wasn’t flooded but the road leading there was, so it was probably a good call to leave when they did.

Charity and I ran up into the park this morning to check out the scene. The water was extremely high, but there was a clear watermark that showed the river had already dropped about a foot.

Little River, 1/7/09

Little River today. This is a particularly rocky section of the river. Notice all of the boulders are under water.

Little River, 1/7/09

Little River at the Sinks

Little River, 1/7/09

Metcalf Bottoms on Little River. Notice the river is well out of its banks.

The rain has moved out and I can see it beginning to snow on Thunderhead Mountain while the temperature here has fallen all morning. It’s 40 on my back porch and still falling.

The river probably won’t be fishable for a few days. Watch for the gauge to drop to around 3.0 for it to be high but fishable.

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