Four Word Fishing Report; Spring Hatches Arrive in the Smokies

Charity and I spoke at the Atlanta Fly Fishing Club on Wednesday night, so we haven’t been on the water for the past two days, but we do have a fishing report to pass on from our neighbor and fishing buddy Doug Sanders.

There we sat in a hotel room in mid-town Atlanta, checking our email when we saw that we missed a prime day of fishing. Doug shot us an email that had all the detail we needed, was only four words, and didn’t resort to abbreviations like BFF, OMG, or LOL.

Bugs – Trout – Good – Happy!

Brilliant! Those four words got the point across while making a Haiku seem like needless rambling.

Heading to the river to catch the hatch…

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  1. Kenneth Whitehead says:

    Thank you for sending me your newsletter. I enjoy it very much. I just read your last posting above but you did not say if the bugs your neighbor, Doug Sanders, referred to were Quill Gordons. If not now, will Quill Gordons be the dry fly of choice by the end of March? Also, what nymph(s) would you recommend using by the end of the month? Would appreciate any tidbit of trout flyfishing info you might have to offer.

    Thanks, Kenneth Whitehead

    • Kenneth:
      The bugs were Quill Gordons and Blue Quills. We see those about the same time. It’s a great time because fish will eat a variety of gray colored dry flies #12-18. Pheasant Tail, Hare’s Ear, Prince, and other nymphs in the same size range all work well.