Busy week of guiding ahead


We’re heading straight for the busiest part of our spring season and  we’ll be on the water most days for at least the next month. Looks like we’re out of the drought cycle. We’ve had an active weather cycle with plenty of rain.

Last Friday we had a morning of thunderstorms that brought stream levels up. I took Barry and Boyd Rich on Little River as the water was rising and getting dirty. I tied a streamer on for Boyd and he got a 18″ brown trout out of the second spot we fished. Pretty good for the first 20 minutes he ever fished in the Smokies! We spotted a black bear near Fighting Gap close to the Laurel Falls trailhead.

The Riches had a tough couple of days besides the big brown. High water and unsettled weather made for tough conditions.They caught a few more fish and missed more than that, but the park didn’t show them much.

Tailwater fishing has really come on as the hatches are starting to take off. We’ve got a number of floats over the next few weeks. Dry fly fishing is starting to take off, but we’re still getting a good number of trout on nymphs.

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