Best Fly Fishing in the Smokies in Several Years

We’ve been hard at it, guiding almost every day. In fact, we usually have a couple of trips out on the river. We took a few days off about a week ago to put a booth in at the Townsend TroutFest, but other than that we’ve been on the water.

Water levels in the Smoky Mountains are absolutely perfect this year. The region is officially out of drought and we’re getting some rain almost everyday. It’s thunderstorm season here in the Smokies so anglers would be wise to bring rain gear since we’re getting short showers on a regular basis.

Dry fly fishing is excellent but we’ve probably fished more nymphs this spring because of relatively high water levels. Water has been great this week and we’ve focused more on the dries.

TVA has changed the schedules on the tailwaters a bit, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. We spent so much time on the Holston that we didn’t even realize that most other tailwaters were blown out. Norris Dam was spilling for a while and made the Clinch unfishable for a few weeks. Right now it looks as if TVA is getting into their regular summer groove of on and off generation so be sure to take note of the schedule before heading out.

We hope to get a newsletter out in a week or less. We’ve been working on a few articles and will try to get that out soon.