Clinch River Continues to Fish Well

Took Alan Barnes to the Clinch today for a quick primer before he takes a Western fly fishing trip in a few weeks. Nymphing was excellent. Most fish ate a #16 Beadhead Pheasant Tail Nymph, but we got a pretty good Sulphur hatch and landed some fish on dry fly. Generation schedules on the Clinch remain good for both floats and anglers who are wading.


  1. Randy Ball says:

    Ian, Dennis Sebering and I have a Drift Boat Trip scheduled with you 27 June 09, and I was wondering what is the possibility of Drifting the Clinch?

    • Randy – We usually try to do our floats where the fishing will be the best. There is an extremely good chance that your float will be on the Clinch, but if it’s not it’s only because we know you’ll do better on another river.