Our Recommendation: Get on the Water Now!


Water levels and water temperatures continue to only get better! Even our tailwaters have cut back on generation this week, allowing for plenty of chances for waders to hit the river.

There was a huge band of thunderstorms that blew through yesterday, but none of the streams in Great Smoky Mountains National Park seem to have been affected. On the other hand, rivers and streams in upper East Tennessee are high and muddy today. The lower end of the Watauga is probably pretty soupy from the confluence of Doe River downstream. Freestoners like Beaverdam Creek are also probably not fishing today.

Those streams are a bit far afield for us in Townsend, Tennessee and we have nothing but prime conditions. Overnight temperatures along the crest of the Smokies have been in the high 40’s and water temperatures in many locations have already dipped into the 50’s. Trout don’t get much happier!

The Clinch has superb schedules this week. Fish near the dam and Miller’s Island until just past lunch time or work the shoals near Clinton all day.

The Holston has decent schedules as well, but water temperatures are a bit on the warm side. Cool overnight temps should be cooling the water a bit downstream of the dam and afternoon highs haven’t been far above 80. If you’re heading to the river around Nances Ferry be sure to have a selection of smallmouth bass flies. Buggers and Clousers are always good, but you can even catch them on Prince Nymphs.

On the topic of smallmouth, head on over to the Pigeon for some superb fishing. Expect fish to be all over the poppers in the cooler weather. Nothing wrong with the streamers either. One of our favorite spots to wade is along Hartford Road downstream of the rafting operations. Be sure to call for generation schedules, but the main part of the rafting season is over. The number is 1-800-899-4435.

Fly Fishing With Streamers