Break Out the Waders, It’s Cooling Down in the Smokies


The hardiest anglers out there will be able to keep on wading wet for a little while longer, but it’s probably about time to dig the waders out of the closet. Nights are cooler and longer while the days are also cooler but shorter. Water temperatures have fallen well into the 50’s in the trout streams of the Smoky Mountains. Wet conditons look like they’ll set in for the next week or so damp, cloudy conditions will only make it feel even cooler.

Anyone who’s been fishing the Clinch or South Holston has surely had the waders out and with good reason. It was a great weekend on the Clinch and it looks like that should continue on through the week. As usual, it’s a nymphing affair with some pods of dimpling fish eating emergent midges.



  1. Zach Barnes says:

    Gore-Tex can most def. be worn during the colder months without sacrificing comfort. Fleece pants around 300 gram thinsulate and a moisture wicking barrier under them should be enough for warmth. They can be found in cabelas, orvis and even bass-pro ranging from $40.00-to $160.00, and will most of the time even have straps that hold them in place on your feet while you put on your waders. These fleece pants are found in the waterfowl sections of the stores I listed above. A thick pair of wool socks is also a good investment.
    Good luck and Happy Fishing

  2. in late October, do you wade with neoprene or gore-tex style waders? If gore-tex, then what do you wear under them for warmth?


    • We’ll typically wear breathable waders year round with warmer clothers during cold weather. Late October isn’t really a time I would consider to be cold though. It can be, but just as often it’s 70 degrees in the afternoon.