The Water’s High and the Weather’s Going Downhill


I’ve spent the past two days working on our newsletter, but it doesn’t seem like I’ve missed any fishing. The water is still dropping, but it’s been high since the weekend. Now we’re looking straight down the barrel of a winter storm approaching the Smokies this weekend.

Charity and I will be in Charlotte at the Fly Fishing Show this weekend. There’s no snow in the forecast there so it looks like our biggest concern will be getting home after snow has fallen on the mountains. The I-40 closure near the state line will make the trip highly problematic if there’s significant snow in the mountains.

It doesn’t look like we’ll miss much if any fishing over the weekend. The Clinch is sluicing water, the South Holston is generating, and the Watauga is spilling. Creeks are high and the tailwaters are high. It’s all the same everywhere.

We got a good bit of email about the Hillbilly Taco the other day. Our food friend David Anderson who has been a lively participant in our Hazel Creek campfire conversations sent us a great pic.

Nothing left but the smell

Nothing left but the smell

David apologized for the shaky exposure but explained he was suffering from PTS, the Post Taco Shakes.

Here’s another piece of serious fishing grub and this is the classic.

Slaw Dog from Parkway Grocery in Townsend, TN

Slaw Dog from Parkway Grocery in Townsend, TN

Pray for the conditions to break so we can talk about actual fishing, not just the stuff we do on the fringes of fishing.

Until then we’ll see you at the gas station lunch counter.

Hazel Creek spring 2010


  1. Hi Ian, missed you guys at the Somerset Show. I know it is a good travel for you and your family to get there. Pris sent a greeting card with me to give to you, will have to mail it now. We’re hopng to get together next year with you and Charity again. Can’t stop talking to everyone about the great time we had last spring with you. Good luck on this year and hope the family is doing well.