Video Fishing Report – We Fly Fish in the Snow Once Again

It looks like winter didn’t really go away so much as give us a quick head fake before charging right back into our fly fishing in the Smokies. Yesterday was a relatively miserable kind of day; cold, wet, and snowy. The water was a little high after rain on Sunday.

I was actually expecting a pretty good day of fishing since it’s not unusual for spring mayflies to continue hatching on such days. The wet and cold conditions will often keep the bugs on the water and whip the trout into a feeding frenzy. In a nutshell, that didn’t happen.

There were a few bugs and a few fish on Little River, though. Take a look.

Fly Fishing the Smoky Mountains During a Spring Snow from Ian Rutter on Vimeo.

The weather forecast calls for sunny and warm temperatures starting on Wednesday.




  1. Thanks for the info…we’ll be heading to Abrams Falls for a day hike, and I plan to do some fishing around that area as well. Hopefully the weather will be a little warmer than it has been lately there, I’m from south Louisiana and am not used to those kinds of temperatures.

  2. Hello,
    I’ll be camping the Abrams Creek area in the beginning of April, and am new to trout fishing. I’ll be on the trail for a few days and would love to be able to catch a couple meals while I’m there. I do not own a fly rod but I will be bringing my spinning rod. Any suggestions on fishing for trout with a spinning reel and any specific gear I would need other than the obvious would be greatly appreciated. Great site guys, thanks for all the info.

    • Jared,
      We don’t really have much expertise with spin tackle, but you’ll need to keep it very light and the lures very small. Also, the lower end of Abrams Creek is smallmouth country. There are a few trout around the back country site, but it’s still predominantly bass.