Video Fishing Report – Quill Gordon Hatch in the Smoky Mountains

It’s been another week of good mayfly hatches in the Smoky Mountains and midge fishing on the tailwaters. Fishing continues to be spotty on the Clinch River with slow periods broken up by several minutes of really good activity. It doesn’t seem like there has been very much insect activity on the Clinch so that probably has something to do with the relatively slow fishing. Generation schedules remain favorable for waders or floaters.

On the other hand, it’s all come together this week in the Smokies. We’ve seen some excellent Quill Gordon hatches. Have a look for yourself. This was earlier in the week.


The weather forecast for the weekend is OK, but not great. Looks like Saturday will be the best day with more rain on the way on Sunday.


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  1. Thanks for the entertainment…love the all the videos. I fished last Sunday and was really impressed with the quality of the hatch. Talking to friends, it seems like everyone is seeing excellent numbers of bugs this year. I’m really excited about the fishing potential over the next few years as healthy as the fish are right now and as much food as there is for them…

  2. Tim Wilson says:

    Good video! You should have a TV show of your own. How ’bout a reality fishing show shot in exotic locations, where you vote off the worst flyfishers.