A Great Weekend of Fly Fishing on Hazel Creek

Our entire guide line up spent the weekend on Hazel Creek with a group of anglers from Ohio. The weather was absolutely perfect on Thursday and Friday. Things got pretty wet on Saturday, but the good fishing continued.

A nice Hazel Creek rainbow trout

A nice Hazel Creek rainbow trout

Overall, most of the fish our group caught was on nymphs, but my anglers had a good day of dry fly fishing between the Sawdust Pile and Sugar Fork on Friday. We experienced heavy rain on Saturday night, but had plenty of dry space to hang out for dinner and socializing.

Here’s a quick video clip of what the fishing looked like on Friday upstream of the Sawdust Pile.


The creek was blown out Sunday morning, so we were able to make our return to civilization a few hours earlier than anticipated.

Steve Claxton treated us to his extraordinary camp cooking the whole time. Charity and I are returning to Hazel Creek again this weekend with another group and can’t wait!

Steve pulls his made from scratch biscuits out of the camp oven

Steve pulls his made from scratch biscuits out of the camp oven


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  1. Adam Metzger says:

    only one thing better than a propane camp oven…someone that knows how to use it!
    that looks like an awsesome trip…maybe I’ll get in next year!

  2. I have always wanted to fish Hazel Creek…