Rivers & Streams Still Fishing After Weekend Storms

Whew! We’ve had an incredibly busy week capped off by the Townsend TroutFest this weekend. Thanks for everyone who came out. It was a phenomenal show and we got to see a lot of old friends and made some new ones.

Fortunately the festival seemed to miss out on the biggest part of heavy rains in East Tennessee. Some strong thunderstorms have been rolling through in the afternoons, but we’re happy to report that all of the mountain streams have remained at fishable levels.

The tailwater generation schedules will be changing a bit in the days to come. Cherokee Dam will still be running a minimum flow on the Holston River, but watch for generation to increase on the Clinch River. Norris Lake has reached full pool and TVA will certainly begin to move some water down the river. It looks like there will be plenty of time for fishing but we’ll all have to pay some attention to the generation schedule.


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  1. Just moved here,I would like to teach my nephew how to fly fish.First teach him to tie flys any help or comments would be very helpful.Plenty of beautiful trout streams here in the mountains of n.c.please e-mail any help thanks for your time Mae

    • Be sure to keep things interesting, especially if they’re 12 years old or younger. If your nephew is young try to take him somewhere there is a better than average chance of him hooking fish and limit to the day to only a few hours. This ensures that the experience won’t get boring. Try to leave early even if he’s having a good time. That way it won’t get boring and he’ll be twice as anxious to go again.

      You might wait until after he goes fishing to tie the flies. It might make more sense after he’s seen a trout come to a fly.