A Look Back at Our Spring and Summer on the Water

We’ve spent so many days out guiding fly fishers in the Smokies and on local tailwater rivers that we can tell you where we are today, but barely remember where we fished yesterday. What can we say, it’s been a busy season.

We’ve been reliving some memories of the past few months by looking at some photos. Here are some of our favorites from this spring and summer.

Flame Azalea along a Smoky Mountain stream

Flame azaleas bloom along Hazel Creek

Hazel Creek Brown Trout

Ian actually got to handle a fly rod on Hazel Creek one evening and managed to land a 17″ brown trout on a dry fly

Smoky Mountain Brook Trout

Can a fish get any more colorful?

Golden Stonefly

Golden Stonefly

Smoky Mountain Brown Trout

Lee Francis shows off a nice wild Smoky Mountain brown trout


Red cheeked salamander

Smoky Mountain Brook Trout Stream

Far up a native brook trout stream in the Smoky Mountains

Charity WithTrout

Charity found some time away from guiding to do some fishing.

Holston River Rainbow Trout

A solid rainbow from the Holston

Misty Morning

Misty morning on the Clinch River

Holston River Rainbow Trout

This 19″ rainbow trout ate a #18 caddis emerger on the Holston River

Smallmouth Bass in hand

We’ve been into plenty of smallmouth bass just like this all summer long

Smallmouth Bass in water

A nice smallmouth goes home

Trophy Smallmouth Bass

This 21″ smallmouth is the catch of a lifetime and made even better because it ate a popper.

Hazel Creek BAnner Fall 2010

Join us in Montana


  1. Hazel Creek is always a good stream for fishing and camping. Getting there with your stuff is a little bit of trouble, but no more than anywhere else.

  2. Collin Hays says:

    Ian, I know that you go to Hazel Creek twice a year for a group fishing trip.

    I assume you would recommend Hazel Creek as a good overnight camping place for me and my dad next spring?

    Chad and Halie Clothier (my cousins) had a great time with Charity back in early July. Thanks so much

  3. Hey Ian,
    That photo with the brookie in your newsletter is beautiful. You should send that to Catch. That or make it a “sale” download…. or just a free download (hadn’t tried to open the link yet!) Where did you all catch that 21″ smallie. Need to do a smallie float with you sometime.
    Hope the Rutters are well!