Video Fishing Report – Smoky Mountains & Clinch River

We’ve been out on the water quite a bit over the past couple of weeks and had some great opportunities to get some excellent video of fishing and spawning brown trout in the Smoky Mountains. We also elaborate more on our last post regarding the Clinch River. You’ll see some excellent video from the Clinch.



  1. John,

    Moving around a bunch this time of year is my basic method, but there are some days when you know pretty quickly nothing much will happen so you just settle down and go fishing.

    It does seem like a memo goes out some days, though and every big fish in the river is out. That’s typically after the spawn and they’re feeding, not just sitting on a redd. It’s good to see them and have a crack at them but they’re still pretty flaky.

    We leave fish like those in the video alone. Occasionally there will be a lone male acting the same way, aggressive to other fish and we’ll make a go at him. Had an angler land one 18″ like that about three years ago on Little River and saw the same fish paired up with a female 3 or 4 days later.

  2. Great footage, especially of the spawning browns and post spawn brookie. This time of year do you cruise and run and gun for big ones like that when you spot them? Or do you decide on a spot and work it thoroughly?

  3. Dave Selph says:

    Great video!