Fly Fishing Prospects Improve as the New Year Arrives

There hasn’t been any fly fishing to report from our neck of the woods in East Tennessee and the Smoky Mountains. Between the Christmas holiday and Snowmageddon it was pretty hard to get out. Not that it mattered much, though.

There hasn’t been much of a generation schedule worth heading to our local tailwaters and all of the roads in the Smokies were closed. Snow has been melting for the past couple of days and that has prevented the streams from warming up at all. But that’s about to change…

Expect flows to subside on the tailwaters this weekend and a dramatic warming trend along with some rain will warm the streams quickly. There is reason for concern about high water in the Smokies after the rain, but that probably won’t last long. Mild weather is forecast for the next week and we can’t wait to get back out on the water.

We’ll keep you posted…


  1. I know its a long ways, but if you start needing to fish too much the sulphurs are still hatching on the SoHo… I’ll be looking forward to hearing about fishing in the Park and hopefully soon…

    • David,
      I’ve thought about the South Holston, but the schedules haven’t been optimal for the days I could go. A max of 4-5 hours on the water. I’ve got a rule about spending more time in the car than fishing.

      Came real close to going to the Watauga a couple of times for that very reason, but just couldn’t get motivated. Went to the Nantahala instead since it’s almost an hour less driving.

      Of course I’m as spoiled as it gets. I typically drive 10-20 minutes for about half of my fishing.

  2. Hasn’t been any better on the NC side. I am more then ready for an epic thaw and the fishing to recommence.