Video Blog – Easy Tips to Improve the Accuracy of Your Cast

When we guide fly fishers we often need to help them with their cast. While most anglers welcome our advice they would rather spend the bulk of their time fishing, not working on their cast, so we have to improve their cast quickly.

We like to focus on the those elements that anglers can improve quickly. Giving a dissertation on the physics of casting doesn’t help much when our anglers are missing the target and fish are rising.

We’ve found a number of simple fixes that will improve any angler’s accuracy. All of these are “quick fixes” and may be implemented immediately. Beginners will certainly benefit from these tips and we frequently hear experienced anglers wonder aloud why no one ever pointed them out before.

In this video we focus on the most common casting mistakes made by fly fishers.  None of these casting tips require any practice on your part, although practice never hurts!


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  1. Thanks for the casting tips. I’m guilty on just about everyone of those mistakes. It’s nice to have them brought to your awareness before you get on the water.

    And boy did those nice ice & snow free streams look inviting. Spring’s just around the corner and I’m ready.

  2. Excellent review of casting mistakes – I had never really thought about “casting while wading”, and I’m sure I’ve been guilty of it many, many times. Maybe now I won’t fall in quite so often.
    Thanks for the nice videos. Especially appreciated during this long snowy winter.