A Day for Dry Flies

Water temperatures have in the Smokies have really warmed up and the fishing has been fantastic. Today we even fished dry flies for most of the afternoon. The larger streams like Little River and Abrams Creek are still fishing better with nymphs, but that may change in a few more days since the weather will remain mild.

Rainbow Trout

We have not seen many mayflies and the ones we have seen have been somewhat non-descript. Too big for olives or Blue Quills, too small for Quill Gordons, and too few to worry about. Small Dun Caddis, Early Brown Stoneflies, and Little Winter Stoneflies are the majority of bugs you’ll see.

Fishing the Pockets

Jim Pfitzer of Chattanooga picked up a number of fish on dry flies today. We got them from some nice pools as well as pocket water like this.

Dry Fly Rainbow

We relied on our old standard, the Parachute Adams for most of the day. I still need to get my dry fly inventory where it needs to be! Should be a great weekend to get out on the water.

If you’re heading to the tailwaters be sure to have some Zebra Midges, the top fly for late winter an early spring on the big rivers.

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  1. Fished Cataloochee today, but did not have any luck! The weather was awesome, and I even saw some tiny flies on the rise, but no matter what I tied it didn’t seem to interest any trout…is this typical for Cataloochee?

    • Blake,

      Pretty hard to know what was going on without being there and seeing you in action. Nymphs have been the best method for the past two cloudy days here on the TN side of the Smokies, but we’ve still picked up fish on dries every day since Thursday. You still have to be very selective about the water where a dry fly will attract fish on most days and a nymph should still be a big part of your strategy.

      I don’t know how much you fish Cataloochee or any other wild trout stream in the Smokies, but there are any number of things the angler can do to hamper their own efforts or pull success out of tough conditions.

      Stick with it!
      Ian & Charity