Stormy Days Across East Tennessee and the Smokies

It was a nice weekend to get outside, but we were in Louisville, Kentucky for the Kentuckiana Fly Fishing Show. Thanks to everyone who came out to see us. It seemed like we knew almost everyone there!

It’s very warm here in East Tennessee this morning, but we’re expecting stormy weather. It looks pretty grim outside and the wind is picking up. We’re supposed to get some pretty strong storms today so it doesn’t look like we’ll be heading for any of the rivers.

Stormy Smoky Mtns

Heavy rains from late last week have really brought water levels up in the TVA reservoirs so expect a good deal of generation for at least this week, but probably the next two weeks. Look for the end of the second week of March when most of the TVA dams go to a minimum flow. They like to keep the lake levels low this time of year so they can absorb any heavy rains to prevent floods.


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