Some High Water & Winter Takes Another Shot

We had a great weekend with the Nat Greene Fly Fishers over in Greensboro, NC and want to thank everyone who came. It was a great success and we apparently set an attendance record for a seminar. Fortunately the weather held out for us to do our casting workshops and everyone had a great time and came away with some sharper casting skills.

The weather here took an ugly turn with heavy rain Saturday night and snow in the Smokies on Sunday. It wasn’t a huge event with only a few inches in the higher elevations, but enough for us to get another look at what winter looks like.

Dawn over the snowy Smokies

Dawn breaks over the snowy Smokies this morning

High water March 2011

Streams are on the high side, but continue to fall

Stream levels were very high yesterday, but have come down quite a bit but it will probably be tomorrow (Tuesday) before water levels get somewhere near the fishable level. It looks like we have another system arriving on Wednesday with some more rain and cooler weather, but things are looking good for the weekend. We’ll keep you posted.



  1. Ian,

    What is the status of the spring hatches with this high water? Did you see bugs coming off with the high water or are they holding off until the conditions are better? Hope to be up there this next weekend…can’t wait to search for some rising trout and maybe some nice browns….

    David Knapp

    • I drove up the river this morning just to see how much it had fallen and how far down the snow was but didn’t do any fishing. There probably were a few bugs out today and surely more tomorrow, but I’m figuring they’ll probably hunker down until flows drop some more.

      We’ve got heavy rain forecast for Wednesday so we’ll almost surely get another high water event and they’ll wait that out. So far the hatch has been decent, but not more than a couple of hours and not what I’d call at a peak. You should make it over with time to spare.