Water Levels Getting More Manageable in the Smokies

We’ve gotten pretty used to fishing high water in the Smokies recently. The water has been fishable, you just had to pick and choose your spots. That’s likely to be the case for a few more days, but things are getting to the point where flows are more manageable than they’ve been in a couple of weeks.

Rainbow & Haystack fly

On Wednesday I took Seth and Krystal Powers from Maine fishing in the Smokies. We started out nymphing and the first couple of hours were pretty slow, but things got rolling mid-day. I’m not sure how many fish like this one they caught, but rest assured it was a bunch. We primarily fished Haystacks and Parachute Quill Gordons. I got some great video today that will be in an upcoming video report.

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  1. Hey Ian,

    Just checking in. Is everything going to be wadable early next week. Me and my buddy are headed up to Smokemont. Or do we just need to pick and choose spots to get in the water. THis is my first trip to the smoky’s as is so i was going to proceed with care anyhow. Just looking for a heads up on the water level in the Luftee/Bradley Fork area. We will be there from the 20th to the 24th. THanks