Weekly Digest for 2011-06-12

  • Synchronous fireflies putting on their annual show this week at Elkmont in Great Smoky Mtns Nat'l Park http://ow.ly/5aEFp #
  • Remember the road to Elkmont off of Little River Road will close at 5 PM this week for firefly viewing. Shuttles available from Sugarlands #
  • Tennessee man calls 911 to complain about cicadas. We doubt he's into fly fishing http://ow.ly/5aEp3 #
  • Officials consider restoration of Laurel Lake in Townsend, TN http://ow.ly/5bzZw #
  • From Open Spaces Blog: Joint venture strives to determine the effects of climate change on Appalachian brook trout http://ow.ly/5cBxc #
  • Singlebarbed blog asks why anyone should support their local fly shop http://ow.ly/5cBS6 #FlyFishing #
  • Breaking out my new pair of @patagonia Rock Grip wading boots while guiding in the Smokies today. #
  • Interesting news for tailwater anglers in the South: Scientists discover how Didymo blooms in nutrient-poor rivers http://ow.ly/5dBnT #
  • I take full credit for today's rain in the Smokies. I left my rain gear in the drift boat this morning and hit the stream without it. #
  • Video: Synchronous fireflies at Elkmont in the Smokies. Pretty good to give an idea, but not like seeing it first hand http://ow.ly/5dBuZ #
  • Going camping in the Smokies? Don't take firewood with you to prevent the introduction of invasive insects http://ow.ly/5esmo #
  • Need tailwater flows in the TN Valley? There's an app for that. TVA Lake Info for iPhone now in the iTunes App Store http://ow.ly/5eFhL #
  • Today I brought rain to Clinton, TN. My anglers on a Clinch River float didn't have rain gear. Got a thunderstorm with a little of hail. #

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