Weekly Digest for 2011-06-19

  • Smokies elk herd adapts, learns to protect calves from predators http://ow.ly/5g2FM #
  • Floods may have pushed Asian carp down Mississippi River into new areas http://ow.ly/5g2Ij #
  • Are fish lactose intolerant? Ice cream shop creates a batch of Cicada flavored ice cream http://ow.ly/5g2W1 #
  • Great article for summer time fishing, especially if you row a drift boat. 8 Do's and Don'ts of Fishing Hydration http://ow.ly/5gTd6 #
  • TVA's June Reservoir System Update is out with info on area lake levels and impacts on tailwater flows http://ow.ly/5gU25 #Fishing #
  • San Francisco health officials won't let restaurant owner sell grasshopper tacos. So much for his trout customer base http://ow.ly/5hved #
  • Relative of flesh-eating piranha found In Western NC lakes http://ow.ly/5gUq6 #Fishing #
  • Scientists discover how 'Didymo' thrives in pristine waters with few nutrients http://ow.ly/5hMIx #
  • Trout hatcheries in the Southeast could be closed. Email your legislators to tell them how important they are http://ow.ly/5jQdf #Fishing #
  • Tell your legislators to support federal trout hatcheries in the Southeast. 7 may close as TVA cuts its share of funds http://ow.ly/5jQLa #

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