A Break in the Heat

It looks like we’re in for a break in the heat! This week’s forecast has highs in Knoxville in the 80’s and lows in the 60’s. This is good news for several reasons. That means that the weather in the Smokies will be even more comfortable with daytime temperatures in the 70’s up high and maybe down in the high 40’s at night.

This will certainly make for some happy fish! It’s August and we don’t usually expect much as this is traditionally the hottest time of year. We’ve been doing all of our fishing up high or down on the smallmouth bass water.

Flows are still running high on the Clinch right now, although recreational flows on the weekends guarantee at least a couple of days a week with fishable conditions.

The Pigeon will produce smallies as long as thunderstorms don’t muddy the water. Be sure to keep an eye on flows. Saturday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are all days when water will flow for rafters but there can be additional flows on the other days of the week.

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  1. Ian, Believe it or not, but I had a field day yesterday on the Holston (lower end) fishing for smallies and was catching them on yellow sallys . Maybe I was using the wrong color poppers, but they wouldn’t touch them , but in 2 hours time caught at least 12 and lost another 10 or so when they went airborne and spit the fly.