A Beautiful Week of Fall Fly Fishing in the Smokies

We’ve had some sketchy flows and had to do without floating our tailwaters lately, but the colors in the Smokies have been nothing short of phenomenal this week and the trout have been rising well.

Fall Color On The Stream

Fishing has certainly been at its best in the afternoon, but you can still pick up some fish in the morning. We haven’t seen as many Blue Wing Olives this autumn as we have in past years, but the fish are rising well nevertheless.  Skilled fly casters can hook numerous fish right now and it’s not a bad time for beginners to get it figured out even if they’re missing fish.

Colorful Smoky Mountain Rainbow Trout

Trout like this have been typical. Everyone is asking about the brown trout and we’ve seen some nice ones. Ann Beech landed a brown trout in the range of 15-16″ a couple of days ago that ate a dry fly with a slow sip. Unfortunately it slipped from her fingers before we could record it with a camera, but we won’t forget it any time soon.

The weather is cooling down this weekend and that means nymphs will become more important, but we always seem to have great dry fly fishing almost until Thanksgiving.

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