The End of Our Busy Season

We managed to capture this on video over the weekend and thought there would be plenty of you who would like to see it. This is a bear cub at Tremont. His mother had already crossed the stream and he was somewhat less than enthusiastic about making the plunge, and we can understand. The water was a bit high and pretty cold. You’ll see how the lense on the camera kept fogging up as I pulled it out for the first time of the morning.


The guide calendar always seems to slow down in November even as the fishing tends to get better for a few weeks. Thanksgiving weekend is usually the last rush we have before things all but shut down for us. This is the time of year when we get stuff done, and we have some big stuff in the works.

We’re just about to unveil our line of R&R Fly Fishing leaders and tippet plus strike indicators. We are so jazzed about that! We’ve also got our trip to Yellowstone Country next fall plus our Hazel Creek camps here in the Smokies. There’s a tweak to our Fly of the Month program, plus new installments of our video blog.

Stay tuned! There’s good stuff on the way!

Fly Fishing for Brook Trout in Great Smoky Mountains National Park