Winter’s Brief but Convincing Return

Warm, sunny days, hatching mayflies, and rising trout gave us the distinct idea that spring was here early. Of course we knew that probably wasn’t the case, but after about of week of that, the idea starts to take hold. Then something happens to jar you back to reality.

Snowy brook trout stream

One of our favorite brook trout streams under snow and ice on Monday afternoon

While the Tennessee Valley got a healthy dose of winter temperatures dipping down into the teens, the higher elevations of the Smoky Mountains got the full treatment. Temperatures dipped down below zero along the high peaks and some locations received as much as 8″ of snow.

It looks as if the warmer weather will return shortly, but not before the mountains get a little more snow followed by rain. We’re headed up to Columbus, Ohio to speak at the Central Ohio Fly Fishers so another day of two of bum weather isn’t putting us out.

This time next week Charity will also be settling in for two weeks of incredible fishing hard work on the water in Patagonia while I earn “Husband of the Year” honors back here in Townsend. She’ll be keeping us all advised of how she’s having the time of her life catching big trout while the rest of us toil away enduring the hardship of life so far from home.
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