Things Are Tough All Over – Patagonia Edition

As you may or may not know, Charity is on a trip of a lifetime in Patagonia, Argentina. Since we’re full time fly fishing guides, you could say that this is work, to some degree. After more than 24 hours of travel from East Tennessee to southern Argentina you can imagine what it’s like to pick right back up with the grim task of catch trout on a fly…. A dry fly no less…

Trout in Patagonia

Charity and her guide Herbie hard at work. Looks like they’re putting in overtime.

Meanwhile, I’m back here in the Smokies taking it easy. There’s not much to do besides get the kids dressed, change the odd dirty diaper, make the meals, do the laundry, return the phone calls, book the guide trips, help my daughter with her homework, tie the flies, kiss the “boo boo’s”, help the kids walk the dog, clean up the mess when the kids forget to walk the dog and wash the dishes.

Fortunately, after all this time off from work as a guide, my vocational skills shouldn’t atrophy. I’m looking forward to some guide trips coming up this weekend. REALLY looking forward to guide trips this weekend.

Shore lunch on a Patagonian lake

Thank God they at least took a break for some nourishment. Wait, is that a wine bottle in the cooler?

Julie Tallman and fish of the day

Charity’s traveling companion Julie Tallman with the fish of the day


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