Guides’ Day Off Chasing Smallmouth Bass

Charity connected with a smallmouth bass

Charity and I have been hitting it hard since April and in spite of the fact we’re on the water almost daily, we don’t get to actually fish all that often. A couple of days ago we had the day off and the kids were out for the day so we decided to go fishing together.

It’s not like we ever get tired of trout, but since it’s smallmouth bass time in East Tennessee we decided to spend some quality time with our six weight fly rods and popping bugs. After an almost solid month of rowing the drift boat I wasn’t in the mood for doing that on a day off, so we opted for some stream smallies instead of big river fish.

Creek Smallmouth Bass

It’s extremely likely that the fish would have eaten Woolly Buggers and Clouser Minnows, but we never got off of popping bugs. We’ll have more to share about smallies as the summer goes. We’ve done several trips for them already on the larger rivers, but the topwater bite wasn’t really on yet. However, as May turns to June and the weather warms we’ll be using poppers from the drift boat as well.
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