Our Feet Are Wet In Yellowstone Country

After a somewhat traumatic airline experience, we’ve made it to the Henry’s Fork and Yellowstone Country. We typically make the drive from East Tennessee but this year we flew. Needless to say, it’s a pretty different experience. First and foremost, a drift boat doesn’t count as checked baggage so we’ll primarily be fishing from our hind legs, not from a boat.

The view from our window this morning

The view from our back porch this morning

Everyone in our group floated the Henry’s Fork today, but Charity and I headed into Yellowstone National Park to one of our favorite streams. In past years we’ve spent weeks at a time fishing inside the park and can honestly say we fish some of these streams more frequently than a few in East Tennessee.

Underwater brown trout

We have plans to fish the Henry’s Fork this week as well as a few new places. We always try to go back to our old favorite spots while fishing at least on river we’ve never fished before. Today the objective was to hook up with as many Yellowstone Park brown trout as possible.

Charity with brown trout

Charity shows off a nice fish. Don’t ask her about the two others that were a head and a tail longer than this one that shook off as the camera was coming out of the bag.

Ian with Yellowstone Park brown trout

Ian’s best brown trout of the day


Yellowstone Park Coyote

This coyote sauntered by after digging up a vole in the meadow along the river.


  1. Looks like a great start to your vacation! Have a great time and keep those brown trout pictures coming…

  2. Beautiful fish! What did you catch them on? Girdle bugs? In the meadow? How is Henry’s Lake fishing? Remember the beautiful cutthroats last year?

  3. Keep these pics coming if you have time. Beautiful!