Happy Fishing New Year!

It’s March 1 and the month is roaring in like a lion here in the Smokies as a light snow is falling. Snow is not a newsmaker in late winter, but the fact that your Tennessee fishing license just expired is.

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I always thought it was a little strange to start the new year on March 1, but heck, the Chinese celebrate New Year on their own schedule, so why not?

Don’t wait long either. It seems like TVA may have coordinated with TWRA on this because it looks like several tailwaters will have good conditions this weekend. Norris and Cherokee Dams both look like there will be a significant reduction in flows this weekend.

The weather? Well, not exactly sunny and 70 degrees, but 2 out of 3 aint’ bad.

We’ll see you at the hardware store getting our fishing license. (Or click here to get it online)