More Snow in the Smoky Mountains

I know we stirred up a lot of consternation on the interwebs about a week and a half ago when we reported a brief spell of dry fly fishing in the Smokies and some better than average trout to go along. Tom at the Trout Underground went so far as to warn us of an impending ticking package en route. If you, like Tom, were sitting at home just hoping we’d get our just desserts, wait no longer.

We expect cold and snow in the winter. It’s a fact of life. This past winter wasn’t so much cold and snowy as it was wet. Very wet. Multiple floods wet. So while we didn’t get to fish because of high water we were braced for it. But then we got a taste of spring fishing and man, was it tasty.

Then BAM!!! Kick in the teeth. Two winter storms in five days. Not much snow in Knoxville, a little bit here in Townsend, but plenty inside Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Snowy Tremont


And another look

Snowy Creek


And the Trout Underground’s Tom Chandler is probably sipping a Mai Tai on the beach in Hawaii having a good chuckle.

Sounds like the tailwater fishing was phenomenal over the weekend. Meanwhile back here at R&R world headquarters we’re racing to finish a website and e-commerce makeover with a little girl who’s on day 3 of the stomach flu. Two words: Grim business…

The forecast is looking up though with sunshine and temperatures even soaring into the 60’s in the coming days. And trust me, we’ll be there even if it’s just to get the fresh air.


  1. What, no disclaimer (as I advised)? Playing with fire, Rutter. Playing with fire. I’m not a stable man…

  2. The pics are just wonderful, do so enjoy them…Thanks