Another Week, More High Water in the Smokies

We’re beginning to feel like every Monday is almost the same around here. Just as the water levels were just getting right we get a ton of rain over the weekend and the creeks are blown out on Monday. At least most of you are probably sitting somewhere away from the stream as you read this, not trying to figure out some place where a fly fisher who has travelled an appreciable distance can actually catch a trout.

It’s our burden and one we gladly accept…



We’re seeing some great hatches of March Browns and Hendricksons in the afternoons along with some Light Cahills. Stoneflies are everywhere right now, but it seems like the Yellow Sallies hold off their strongest appearances for the fading light of late evening.

Start the day with nymphs, maybe experiment with a dry and dropper rig around lunch, and you should be able to raise some fish on dries by 2:00. The extra water and cool weather has made this a pretty regular pattern for us even though we would normally be fishing almost nothing but dry flies but this time of year.

The tailwater scene is still pretty grim and I’m not sure when it will get any better. TVA pulled back flows on the Clinch for a few days, but muddy water flowing from Coal Creek and Cane Creek muddied the river downstream leaving clear water on the upper river above the I-75 bridge. You can always count on clear water around Millers Island and the weir dam.

Flows are better on the Holston River, but you’ll need to check the schedule everyday as it’s variable. Typically flows are pretty constant in the spring, but not this year. This has probably led to slower hatches, but we’re still getting in some good dry fly fishing and the nymphing has been great.