Happy Fathers Day


7 year old Sophia helps her dad land a nice trout on a recent float trip. We don’t usually recommend floats with young kids as the days can be a little long and hot, but Sophia was really excited about the day. She even hooked a few fish herself. Kudos to Shrish for bringing here along!

Over the course of the day she took a break to chronicle the day in a drawing. Let me tell you it’s exceptionally accurate!

Drift Boat Drawing



  1. Hi Ian,
    Thanks for the terrific day. I still get a chuckle remembering the reaction from that guy in the canoe when that rainbow shot out of the water right in front of him 🙂
    Anyways, Sofie really enjoyed the experience and wants to make it a annual ‘daughter-father’ trip, much to my delight.
    Take care,