Fish When You Can

You’ve probably heard the old saying “When is the best time to fish? Any time you can!” We’ve always agreed with that sentiment but with the current water situation it’s taken on a deeper meaning.

Our creeks have been blown out for more than half of the past week and our tailwaters… Well, at least the creeks are somewhat predictable. The big rivers below the dams have been up and down, although they’ve been mostly up. But when the flows are right…

Two at a time in the net

Two at a time in the net

The fishing can be pretty damn good. The fish are healthy and it’s almost as if the bugs and fish are trying to take advantage of the short windows of good flows to get some of their own business done.

Unfortunately it’s truly catch as catch can with the flows. It’s always easy to make TVA out as a villain, but there’s really not much they can do. Reservoirs are more than full and plenty of water is coming in. It’s almost a surprise we’re seeing any flows worth fishing at all.

We’ll see you watching the schedules closely….

By the way, did we mention the fishing is REALLY good when the flows are right?

19" rainbow

19″ rainbow on a dry fly