Blast From the Past

A few days ago we saw this video over on Chi Wulff and it was almost like having your life flash before your eyes as this was almost ten years ago. Ian had two books published in two years closely followed by the release of the Fly Fishing Eastern Freestone Streams pair of DVD’s. We met Carl Babcock who was a big wheel with Kentucky Afield on PBS.

Carl had a great idea for a show named Smoky Mountain Fly Fishing Journal that he wanted to pitch to the Outdoor Channel. It would feature all the variety of fly fishing around the Smoky Mountain region: creeks & streams, tailwaters, smallmouth bass, reservoirs, and more. Together we created a pilot but alas, that was the end of the project as it was never picked up. Enjoy!



  1. Great video, very informative. looks like a beautiful area to fish. Keep up the great work!!

  2. Bob Cashier says:

    Really nice video, its a shame the program didnt fly,who knows maybe somebody will see it and do you folks right. Take care

  3. jerry Crites says:

    Ian, I was unable to review the video on your email. Do I need to download something?