The Guides Apprentice


Family time on the stream

As you might imagine many of our family outings involve fly fishing. We live within a few minutes of a national park filled with hundreds of miles of wild trout streams. Furthermore, we have to pass or cross pretty good smallmouth bass river to go anywhere. Add in the fact that we have numerous lakes and big rivers within an hour and the fact that we guide for a living and you get the picture.

Even though our kids still need some help handling the equipment they both think that they’re experts themselves. And who could blame them. Our daughter Willow was literally on the Madison River at the age of 10 weeks old and both of our kids have landed trout in Yellowstone, so the idea of catching fish around home seems rather natural.

At the end of the school year our daughter Willow invited her second grade teacher out for a day of fly fishing instruction. Already an outdoor enthusiast, her teacher took us up on the offer and joined Charity and Willow on the stream a couple of days ago.

Guides Apprentice

It looks like Willow knows the drill. Hold the angler’s fish up for the camera and smile.

Charity handled all the instruction but Willow made sure she helped too and even landed her teacher’s first trout. It looks like we might have a young apprentice guide on our hands.

And how many guides have you met that sport purple nail polish?