Here Comes the Water… Again

Another week starts here in East Tennessee and another front with plenty of rain is upon us. So far the rain hasn’t been a complete blanket over the region, but plenty of water has supplanted high flows in many streams. Here’s a look at Little River in Great Smoky Mountains National Park this morning.

A quick look at the stream flows right now shows that streams to our south in the Cherokee National Forest are in pretty good shape. While Little River is essentially blown out and likely Abrams Creek and the West Prong of the Little Pigeon as well, it looks like the North Carolina side of the Smokies are in better shape. Looks like conditions on the Oconaluftee are negotiable and perhaps Deep Creek as well.

The tailwater situation really hasn’t changed much except that there does seem to be some hope of seeing milder flows on the Clinch. Of course that’s assuming Norris Lake doesn’t rise again. The South Holston still has good flows and the Hiwassee is chugging along its typical summer flow which is good for floaters but marginal for waders.