Transformation from Photo, to Sketch, to Painting

We wanted to share this transformation of one of our photos we posted recently. Nate Karns is an artist who is an East Tennessee native now living over in Arkansas, but his love of trout and fly fishing are apparent to anyone who’s seen his work.

Nate recently contacted us to check if it was all right for him to use one of our photos for the basis for a new piece. The photo that provided him with inspiration follows.

A wild Smoky Mountain brown trout below a plunge

A wild Smoky Mountain brown trout below a plunge

We were really impressed with the sketch that Nate did. You can see it here via this pic he posted to Instagram

Nate later did this painting of the fish. Very nice but I have to confess a personal preference for the sketch only because he captured the motion of the water so well.

You should check out more of Nate’s art work in his online gallery as he does some incredible work.