Today We’re Thankful For…

Anyone who follows fly fishing in the Southeast knows it’s been a rough year. We started out with high water, then progressed to outrageously high water earlier in the year. By the time we got to our big fall season we had a 17 day government shutdown keep us out of national parks and deprive us of a good chunk of business. Now it looks as if winter has shown up in force a little early to bring the guiding season to an end, but we still have plenty to be thankful for and we’ll lay it all out.

First of all we’re so thankful to live in such an incredible place where we wake up to stunning beauty almost every day.

Sunrise over the world headquarter of R & R Fly Fishing in the Smokies. That's the silhouette of Mount Leconte in the distance.

Sunrise over the world headquarter of R & R Fly Fishing in the Smokies. That’s the silhouette of Mount Leconte in the distance.

We have two great kids who are healthy, smart, and a true joy.



We’re also fortunate to have both of our families close by. Our kids spend plenty of time with both sets of their grandparents and that gives us a little more leeway to do what we do as well.

A little guides' day off

A little guides’ day off

We’re both so grateful that we get to do what we want in life. We wouldn’t choose to do anything else, but there is plenty of hassle to go around in the guide business. It’s not all dry flies and rising fish, but we love it.

We’re so thankful to all of you! It’s all of you who pay us to go on guided fishing trips, buy our books and our flies, and give us a reason to keep checking on water levels and water temperatures. Thanks to all of you and especially those of you who keep checking in with us!

We’re also so thankful to live in a place where you can make a living as a fly fishing guide. The Smoky Mountain region seems to get shorted on recognition, but whenever we spend time with our western guide counterparts they’re always impressed what we have here: long fishing seasons with only a little more than two months of cold weather, a variety of waters to fish from small brook trout streams to large rivers that require boats, and a variety of fish species.

Take a look at some of what we we’re blessed with…

Three fish in the net with two anglers on the boat. Do the math...

Three fish in the net with two anglers on the boat. Do the math…

A smallmouth bass double

A smallmouth bass double


Smoky Mountain BrookTrout

Native fish with unspeakable beauty

Some really big fish too!

Some really big fish too!


A truly spectacular setting in which to work

A truly spectacular setting in which to work

There’s also that spectacular wildlife we love to see while we’re out on the rivers and streams!

Black Bear

Smokies Bull Elk

Thanks to everyone out there who we fish with, share this community with, and share this life with. We are truly grateful.

Happy Turkey Day!

Turkeys In The Snow



  1. Mike Thomas says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to the Rutter family. Thanks for the great pictures and memories of the Smokies and Henry’s Fork. You are privileged to leave in such a beautiful area, and what an office to go to day after day Love the pictures of the turkey.
    God is good….

    Have a blessed & wonderful holiday, Mike Thomas

  2. Dave Selph says:

    Wishing the Rutter family many blessings and good wishes on this glorious Thanksgiving day. You guys are a true blessing to so many folks and I am thankful for the time we have spent together and look forward to spending more.

    • Hey Dave! We’re thankful for all time we’ve gotten to spend with you too! Plus in some pretty cool places. I’ll always cherish memories of you and I together in the boat on the Missouri River and Henry’s Fork. Plus that weekend on Hazel Creek. Great times!