Weather Pattern Makes It Tough On Fishermen

It’s been a tough weather pattern lately. For the better part of a month the water has been fishable but the weather has been brutally cold or the weather has been mild and the water has been pretty high or outright unfishable. We’ll just say it… It’s pretty damn frustrating!

Fly Fishing Elkmont in Winter

In a move only the evil minds who control TVA flows could devise, flows on the Holston were cut back to absolutely perfect on days when there was no way we could break away. While one of those days had a cold, steady rain one was sunny with temps in the 50’s. That one really hurt…

The Watauga has some fishy flows for waders and the creeks are getting in shape. The Clinch… Forget it. It’s a grim scene over there, but the creeks should be back in shape soon. You can always find regional stream flows here on our site.

Anyway here’s some news that could bring some joy. Current long range forecast models are showing a dry spell coming our way. Don’t get us wrong. We’re not advocating for a drought or anything, but we’d like to see our rainfall just come back into the normal range and leave the incredibly high flows behind us.

We’ll keep you posted.