Here We Go

It’s not red hot fishing, but we’re seeing bugs and that’s a start. Here’s a fresh arrival we saw on the river today in Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Quill Gordon

Quill Gordon

First of all, don’t panic. You’re not really missing much. There weren’t many bugs today and the fish let most of those drift on past unmolested. You could tell the fish didn’t quite know what to do. We watched a few bugs get eaten, but there were more fish that slapped the water under the mayflies but didn’t take them. Still, it was pretty cool.

Charity Ties On a dry fly

Charity switches over a dry fly

This brown trout took a #12 Haystack

This brown trout took a #12 Haystack

As always we love Haystacks in the spring along with a Parachute Quill Gordon. The Pats Nymph is always good in spring and on any of these sunny days coming you’ll surely see Early Brown Stoneflies laying eggs on the water. We use the Mr. Brownstone for those.

Get your chores done because it’s time to go fishing!


  1. Dennis Shirley says:

    Plan on coming up to Cosby on March 15th for a week, do you think there’s a decent chance of catching some trout on fly by then?

    • Should be a good time. Looks like the fishing will really kick into gear this week. Focus your attention on Cosby Creek from the park line up to the campground and also consider both Big Creek and Greenbrier area, both relatively nearby.