Best Tailwater Conditions We’ve Seen in Months

Right now flows on East Tennessee’s trout tailwater rivers are as ideal as we’ve seen them in a long time. Last year’s exceptionally wet weather kept flows high for most of the sumer and by the time fall rolled around TVA had their hands full trying to get the reservoirs lowered. High flows continued through the winter with only brief windows of good fishing.

Yep, that motivates us to hit the river too!

Yep, that motivates us to hit the river too!

Fortunately that has changed! Even better, flows are negotiable for both waders and floaters on most rivers. Waders have the clear advantage on the South Holston and days when floating is good on the Hiwassee are limited, but outside of those rivers everything is good. We always keep an eye to flows that favor floating, but there are far more waders than floaters wherever you go, so this is great!

Right now midges are the name of the game. The Zebra Midge and Skull and Bones are our favorite patterns for this type of fishing. It won’t be long before caddis start to pop on the Hiwassee and Holston Rivers. Expect the first Sulphurs to arrive on the Clinch in about 3 weeks or so.


Here we go!