Spring Break at R&R Fly Fishing

We’re back from our spring break sabbatical with the kids. Now that our daughter is in school our schedules are somewhat beholding to her schedule. For the past few years we’ve made it a point to take a spring break camping trip. As that’s March in the Smokies the weather is always a factor.

This year we headed down the Southern District of the Cherokee National Forest as it’s pretty close, has streams we love, but it’s also not our day to day “office” so it really is getting away.

The kids are eager to set up camp

The kids are eager to set up camp

Father Daughter Fly Fishing

I’m not allowed to help her cast any more and now she insists on tying the fly on the leader herself too.

No wonder she doesn't want me helping her cast!

No wonder she doesn’t want me helping her cast!

Willow Shows Brown Trout

She’s growing up fast!

But our daughter Willow has a competitor when it comes to just about everything around the Rutter household. Our four year old son Boone just can’t sit idly by and watch his big sister do stuff without getting in on it himself. This year our smallest boots and waders kinda sorta fit Boone…. As long as he didn’t walk more than three steps. The super big feet and baggy waders presented a bit of a trip hazard.


Boone shows us he understands the concept of “drift”


A big week for Boone. He lost his first tooth and gets to wear waders!

The camping trip had even more significance for Boone who lost his first tooth on the way. In a scene that could only happen in the Rutter family Boone put his tooth in a TroutHunter fly cup under his sleeping bag for the Tooth Fairy to find.

Charity can't contain her laughter as Boone shows off a fish

Charity can’t contain her laughter as Boone shows off a fish

You’ll notice there really aren’t any pics of Charity or me holding any fish. We did fish a little bit, but for the most part the kids got all the really premium spots and we wouldn’t have it any other way. They were eager to fish and we wanted them to succeed.

Looks like we all did pretty good…



  1. That is cool. I think I get more out of watching my kids than anything.

    For what it is worth, I’ve gotten waders for my kids from Cabela’s. Seems like they were about $50.

  2. Awesome report and photos Ian & Charity…looks like great memories were made
    Thanks for keeping the reports coming

  3. Deb Ellis says:

    You all are living the family dream, and I only wish I could fish as well as Boone!
    So uplifting, thanks!

  4. Trip Morano says:

    Hi Ian,

    Great shots! I have a 9 and 11 year old who are both way into it, but I’ve struggled to find decent waders locally (bought some cheap Cabelas waders as a stop-gap measure). What kind of waders did you get for the kids? Do you guys sell them?


    • Trip,
      We found some a few years ago when Allbright was going out of business and closing out everything. Even though the kids were too small then we bought every size they had knowing we’d eventually use them. We’ve had a few customers show up with kids in waders from Bass Pro.

      Unfortunately kids waders are tough to find as most manufacturers don’t make them. I know they aren’t huge sellers, but I also can’t help but notice how they also lament the fact kids aren’t fishing the way they used to either.

      Thanks for reading!