Up Close and Personal with Wild Rainbow Trout

We admit it. We’re fish nerds and we’ll go to some lengths to get cool pictures and video of fish. Here’s the latest video we’ve gotten and it really makes us smile. These rainbow trout are in the midst of some pretty swift water. Notice the spill that’s just in the background and notice the ease with which the fish move. Even better, notice the smaller fish that repeatedly attempts to slip up into the preferred lie.

Pretty cool stuff…   Enjoy!



  1. Larry Parker says:

    Dan, thanks for the “eat at 0:35” hint, I missed it the first time!

    Ian, what is the source of the audio? Sounds like water flowing but don’t know if it is from under the water or above.

    Also, I would like to see the anglers view of the river where you put the camera under the water. In this video it seemed pretty calm and peaceful under the surface, but I wonder what the surface looked like.

    Neat video! Thanks for sharing.

    • Larry,
      That’s ambient noise the camera picked up under water. We preferred that to silence or music.

      We actually thought after posting that there would’ve been greater impact if we had shown that spot from above as well. It’s actually quite swift water and the spill behind the fish is about 18″. That makes seeing the small fish constantly sneaking in and out more impressive as it’s coming from a rapid.

  2. Dan Flynn says:

    Very cool! I like the eat at 0:35.

  3. Tom Wetherington says:

    Great footage! What kind of camera?

    • Thanks, Tom. We have a GoPro Hero 2 with a corrective lens for underwater use. The newer Hero 3 does great underwater but previous generations had a focus issue due to the curvature of the lens. We got a third party corrective lens for the casing and use it for all of our underwater photos and video.