Video Clip: Southern Salvelinus – Brook Trout Below the Mason Dixon

We’re in the thick of some of the best tailwater fly fishing of the year right now so we’re spending a good bit of time on the big rivers. Even so we can’t help but look up at the Smokies and notice those crevices in the landscape up high where streams drain the high peaks. Ian took a hike into one of his favorite spots last weekend with some long time customers. The fishing was good but the fish were still deep. It won’t be much longer before a dry fly will be all anyone needs up there.

Here’s an ultra cool video of wild brook trout in the Smoky Mountains that one of our local fisheries biologists turned us on to. This is some beautiful stuff and it shows just how thick specks can be in these small streams.


We’ll enjoy the great dry fly and nymph fishing on the big rivers in the Tennessee Valley right now but it won’t be long before we start heading up high more often.


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