And Now Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Autumn Weather

After an impressive early season winter storm in the Smokies it looks like this week will be much more in line with what we’d expect for early November. When you live in East Tennessee two feet of snow is a big deal, but it really hits home when one of your Western guide buddies who lives in the shadow of the Tetons messages you incredulous that you’ve already seen more snow this winter than he has.

The scene above Tremont over the weekend

The scene above Tremont over the weekend

Things are starting to get back to normal even as many roads are still closed. Surprisingly, many of these roads aren’t closed because of snow and ice, but because of numerous trees down. The heavy wet snow laying trees still full of leaves was more than many trees and limbs could bear.

At the moment much of the park is getting back to normal, but Elkmont is still closed as the park service is still cleaning up around the campground.

Daytime temperatures will be in the 60’s so we’re expecting the snow to melt off quickly. Today will probably see water temperatures in the high 30’s because of this but things should warm up after that. We have a warm rain in the forecast later this week as well.

This bodes well for the next few weeks and we’ll keep you posted.