Changes in the Weather

We had a spectacular weekend of weather here in the Smoky Mountains and things will remain very nice here for a few more days but change is on the way. We’ve been seeing frosty nights in the mountains with warm, sunny afternoons but a big cool down is on the way. It looks like afternoon highs will likely struggle to get out of the 30’s by the end of the week even as the weather will remain sunny.

A beautiful day on Little River

A beautiful day on Little River

While everyone is pretty keyed up about brown trout, we’ve been into more rainbows than anything else. Afternoon dry fly fishing has been pretty good and we’re taking advantage of it while we can since those days are certainly numbered.

But that’s not to say we’re not nymphing or getting into any brown trout. Here’s a nice one caught by Julie Tallman while she was fishing with Charity.


We’ll keep you posted on the latest conditions and how it’s impacting the fishing.



  1. Those are pretty looking fish! Love the bright pinks in the dots.